Ongaku [roots​.​]

by Sabyu

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released November 28, 2011



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Sabyu Seattle, Washington

I make music. I love music. I make love thru music.

My story begins in Saipan, then to Hawai'i and now in Seattle. I play guitar, produce music, and I want to make music for a living. I appreciate any and all the support from those listening. I hope to see you vibe out.

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Track Name: Summer Snow
A summer day just chillin by the shoreline
days like these is when I wish I had some more time
and from the first signs of the sunrise I'm
keepin my mind off the goodbye
And when the sunsets, some rest
but for others it meant the fun comes next, yeah,
feelin good and the judge has surrendered
nights become hard to forget, or remember
Summer love is in the air
but by the next morning makeshift couples they won't even care
And in the winter it's different, there's warmth that needs to be filled when its all gone missin
Lost in the bonfire flames with thoughts re-arranged
while the process of change, it feels so near
And after all the smoke is cleared
I sit n wonder where to go from here

Feelings just come n go
Floatin on like summer snow
Get it back, get it back to me
Get it back, get it back to me

The same people you grew up with now grow apart
and new faces mean another trip back to the start
You say its okay but you really meant "no"
its hard to hold on, but harder to let go
I need a breather from the chaos, fly away time for takeoff to shake off
all the weight on my shoulders for just a minute
stop n catch a cool breeze, watch a sunset image
Good company is always good company
sharing little stories, yeah it feels so brotherly
At the same time a new chapter is being written
"the next part of our lives" fits the description
One breath in then one breath out
A stone age therapy for home-made doubts
The ashes point in the right direction
I don't know what's ahead but I know where I'm headed

Feelings just come n go
Floatin on like summer snow
Get it back, get it back to me
Get it back, get it back to me
Track Name: Blue Hours
Remember nights when we all laid outside
And when the sun came back at around 5
Lost track of the hours, but not time
And who we are, what we done, how we crossed lives
We decided skinny dippin was a true sport
Cold water got us nippin hardcore
Never really planned it, some call it an artform
Bright ideas, they always tend to spark more
Rockin Goodwill clothes brought it back in style
Nights lookin like our lungs: black n mild
Now I'm done with all the pullin-out-hair stress
Being care-free aint being care-less
Future felt buzzlightyears away
Far as the stars that we'd ponder n gaze
If tomorrow aint right, and yesterday left
then the day in between will be hard to for....

Hey can you tell if its night or day
When the moon has begun to fade
and the sun will be on its way
All these hours are ours

And if I only knew, I'd take time and paint the stained hours to blue
and these days those days aint seen the rays
of the daylight, they might fade away but we
Build bridges with no need for toll fees
Long talks the words turn to soulspeak
Warm thoughts it thaws out the cold feet
For the long march that we all see
All that's happened speaks more than whats said to me
All the damage just forms to a better me
So many people and places lie ahead of me
I'll get to know the world, spark a lil chemistry
We shake hands with the clock to stop and help ourselves find us
And, and, we takin moments from time and now all those moments are time-less

Hey can you tell if its night or day
When the moon has begun to fade
and the sun will be on its way
All these hours are ours
Track Name: All Good
[Verse 1]
Touchdown in the HNL its, musubi in the air i smell its
Been a while since I kicked on the isle, been a couple thousand miles from the place I'd dwell as a kid
Classmates more like fam, always how it was still feels like I am
and all the spots that we'd always kick it, talk alota stories, brah hard not to miss it
And now Im back on the island, its that boardshort, tanktop climate
Where my slippahs at? let my toes breathe, tilt my head back, feel the warm breeeeeze
And with the fam closeby, gettin reacquainted with the HI and the
Good vibes I like to play back, DAKINE feelin man, make me say that...

Its all good, its all good, its all good

[Verse 2]
'Shaved not crushed' is the mantra (shoutouts to Puti!)
Its all good, its Hakuna Matata
Island mood with the music genre, island food is the food we fond of
All wit a bowl of acai, shrimp wit da rice, spam on da side, fresh shave ice
Shoooots, wallet's gettin thin but still, everywhere we go is like a home-cooked meal, for realz
Cruisin down the coast now, I gotta six-string in the backseat with the bros now
Came for the ride, stayed cuz we can, feet in the sand, beach and a jam, keepin a plan to leave any worry behind with the wave of a hand
and if its ever not okay, we'll be lookin for a way to say
that its all....

"Shoots, its a much about the destination - as the journey. Life? Life is like shaved ice.... only YOU can decide what flavors to pick." - MC Takeout
Track Name: OneLoveOurLove (w/ Chief Javi)
a young islander transplant to UW / found home and fambam in two clubs
PSA & MIC is where i be / Poly Day, we never practice quietly
every dance we carry our ancestors past / keep the beat with our feet, tell our story with hands
and on a Polynesian Day / we speakin different words but we feel the same way
Malo e lelei & Iorana, Iorana / Talofa & Aloha, my Ohana
theres the MANA man i feel it in the air / throw your ones up, yah thats one love right there HAAAA

All my Melanesian ppl stand up
All my Polynesian ppl stand up
All my Micronesian ppl stand up
All my Islander ppl stand up

Start the day with Poly and its onto MicroNight / Island ppl all around me so you know im feelin right
Chamorro ppl greet you with a simple HAFA ADAI / From Chuuk, Balau to Marshall Islands, Yap & Pohnpei
We be island vibin all day till its dark / Micro meaning 'small' but we got the biggest heart
And my heart be feelin the spark my ppl be givin me / anywhere im at you know im throwin up MIC
and PSA together yeah we gotta carry on / so the MANA for our future generations will be strong
its family over everything, respect, all the above / island ppl all together cuz you know its ONELOVE

We stand on different beaches
Lookin to the same ocean
Bring us together, push the waters
in the same ocean
Its your love, its my love, its our love, but its ONELOVE